Website Making Softwares 101: Their Importance in Overall Web Development

website-making-softwaresIf WordPress is good enough for CNN and Ford, then it’s good enough for your small business website. The blogging platform has become so sophisticated to look at yet easy to use that it has now taken over almost every site. While Twitter was always a microblogging platform, Facebook wasn’t so it was following the leader when it implemented the Twitter-like change on its timeline. Meanwhile, WordPress remains one of the top website making softwares out there because every last site wants an interface just like the ones found on social media as well as the blogosphere at large. The Internet itself and its billions of sites have moved into making blogs or pseudo-blogs where the latest posts and updates are always on the forefront (versus having a main page contain all the pages that might interest you, from an About Us to a Links page).

The Evolution of Web Development

* Web development has evolved. It’s more blog-like in presentation, with the latest posts bumped to the front and the older posts put into an archive or bumped down in favor of the newest ones. Some sites also use relevancy or popularity categorization, wherein the latest posts that have the most engagement will be put on the front page until they go down and make way for the newest posts that are also popular and gaining loads of traffic. The host is the blank canvas upon which you can create your web design masterpiece.

* Word Press is also customizable and freely available, so now most companies don’t see the need to reinvent the wheel when WordPress already exists and its CMS or Content Management System is widely used all over the Internet anyway. The plugins for a Word Press site are also free, such that like a customized browser you can customize your site to have more functions without depending so much on putting in JavaScript or other similar programs. After all, scripts could serve as exploitable vulnerabilities against hack attacks. The modular or plug-in scheme of WordPress is the way to go.

* Regardless, Web developers love WordPress mainly for its flexibility. Because it’s open source, any number of programmers can tinker with it whether they’re paid to do so or they’re doing it as a hobby for the sake of improving the site and making full use of the Internet’s open-to-the-public nature that’s all about sharing development. With that said, your website-making software should be chosen in line with your needs and with cost-effectiveness in mind. There’s no need to make a new closed-source propriety CMS when Word Press already exists for free and for everyone to use, for example.